Powerful Personal Branding Pillar #3 - How You Make Others Feel

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2019

You are WORTHY!

💙 Worthy to be seen. 
💜 Worthy to be heard.  
💛 Worthy to be happy.
💗 Worthy to be loved.

That's my word - WORTHY.  That's how I want to make people feel.

Whether it's encouraging them to share their thoughts and opinions, to letting them know I see their potential or remembering their birthday - I work hard to do this consistently with the people in my life.  

It's my powerful personal brand.  It's who I am.

Pillar #3 of Powerful Personal Branding is how you make other people FEEL.

Download the GUIDE and work through today's training with me.

Catherine teases me that I have a 'person' everywhere we go...whether it's my McDonald's drive-thru lady, our car wash (shout out to Cactus Car Wash on Windward) or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.  It means the world to me that she notices this.  

What would your kid say about how you make other people feel?

Write a comment and let me know your ONE word.

And if you don't like it...today's micro-challenge is to choose a new word.

You're doing a great job elevating your powerful personal brand.  So, keep stacking these micro-challenges to amplify your brand and start leading more, winning more and earning more.  

I see you - and you are WORTHY of more!

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