If there was ever a time for an easy button...this is it!

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2019

I'm stressed.

There, I said it. 

Where the heck is the EASY button when you need it?

These last few weeks have been overscheduled with no room for self-care or mental breaks.  Truth be told, I'm writing this email at 9:41 pm the night before I'm sending it...when it's usually done days in advance.  

My body is the first to signal it's had enough.  

Teenage acne, dark circles under my eyes, lack of sleep, overeating, craving sugar, and my two sure-fire signs that I've overdone it...

A cold sore and this weird skin peeling thing that happens on my pointer finger.  

Can you relate or is this just TMI?

Here's the deal...I have to look myself in the mirror and realize - I'm not a VICTIM.  

The fact is - I've allowed this to happen.  I have a choice!

So today's Thrive-Her Thursday blog is my tough love letter to myself (thanks for being my witnesses!)

Starting today, things are gonna change - and the change starts with my thought choice...

OLD THOUGHT: The holidays are stressful - put your head down and plow through and don't sleep till it's over! 

NEW THOUGHT: I'm gonna give myself the gift of being stress-free this holiday.

Here's a shortlist of what's coming off the list...

❌ Christmas cards of the Family - we were so busy at Thanksgiving that we forgot to take pictures
❌ Saying yes to every Holiday party I'm invited to
❌ Large blocks of available time on my calendar - gonna block "me" time each day for my happy hour and breaks in between working
❌ Letting myself get caught up in family or friend holiday drama
❌ Saying no to anything where I can't answer two questions with a resounding Y-E-S...

Question 1:  Does this increase my ENERGY?
Question 2:  Is it EASY?

The holidays are a time for giving...and RECEIVING!

So, join me in receiving the gift of a stress-free holiday.

And remember...


Now, that was easy!

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two steps and you're in!

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