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ThriveHer Passport

Your fast pass to replace your income and regain control of your schedule

Position yourself as the ‘go to’ expert, create your premium offer and win clients consistently.

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Join the waitlist for

ThriveHer Passport

Your fast pass to your first $100k and beyond!

Position yourself as the ‘go to’ expert, create your premium offer and win clients consistently so you can replace your income, regain control of your schedule and have a greater impact.

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ThriveHer Passport
is right for you if you are:

  • An aspiring entrepreneur  who's ready to turn your real-world professional experience into a thriving consulting business... but you're not exactly sure how to take the next step.

  • An active consultant who wants to use her professional experience to make a greater impact, but you’re struggling to find clients and sell high-priced consulting packages.

  • You're committed to delivering top quality service, but you need help creating a menu of services for your clients to choose from that you can offer month-after-month on a retainer.

  • A consultant who creates tremendous value quickly for her clients who wants to position herself and her rates to reflect her decades of expertise and hard-earned experience.

Diane Passey

Diane Passey

“ThriveHer [has] helped me know where to put my focus.”

Family coach finds the confidence – and revenue – boost she needed

Picture this, you’re an ICF- and CCA-certified family coach with over 25 years of experience under your belt. Five years ago, you decided to take this passion for families and launch your very own coaching business. And over the course of your career, you estimate that you’ve worked with more than 7,000 kids – including your own seven children. 

But, your business has plateaued, and you’re not sure how to get it growing again. “Should I be building my email list? Which social media platforms should I be on? … How do I find more people?”, you wonder. There are so many things that you feel like you should be doing that you end up trying to do it all. You even sign up for a few courses offered by business coaches – but nothing helps.

So, you turn to ThriveHer. Through the weekly Passport sessions, you’re able to define specific goals and action steps for your business. You also have the support of a team of fellow entrepreneurs who help you and hold you accountable. And after using the tools from ThriveHer, you’re proud to announce that, “I finally have direction. I’m not trying to focus on all of the things.”  

Now, you’ve made more money than you did in the last three years combined. Not only that, but ThriveHer is giving you the encouragement and confidence boost you need to continue building your business. One of the coaches tells you, “You are going to be so successful. … You’re going to be back here, teaching other people.” And you’re amazed, thinking, “Nobody had ever believed in me like that.” But now you believe in yourself, and you know your next step. 

By the time you complete this program, you will ...

Be Clear on Your Destination and where your business needs to go


Validate your business idea and position yourself as the 'go to' expert

Select the right business model that fits your strengths and lifestyle

Know who you want to serve and how you serve them

Create, package and brand an irresistible offer

Confidently sell your signature program and win clients 

But most of all…

ThriveHer Passport gives you more direction, more action and more collaboration to build a thriving business on your terms.  You’ll generate consistent revenue, regain control of your schedule, and serve the people that make you feel alive.  And you’ll never have to go it alone when you have a tribe of seasoned professionals cheering you on along the way with encouragement, accountability, ideas and so much more. 

So…what are you waiting for?

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Successful CMO finds second act as an entrepreneur

Picture this … you’re a respected CMO with years of corporate experience. When the COVID-19 pandemic hits, your current employer offers an exit package you can’t resist. It’s a deal made even sweeter by the fact that you recently got a job offer from an even larger technology company. 

But, you’re not sure if this is the path you should take. You describe this as thinking, “I was just feeling stagnant where I was,” and you’re asking, ‘What do I want to do with the next chapter?” You’ve put in the hard work and built a successful career all on your own. Now you’re wondering if it’s time to get some advice. 

So, you turn to ThriveHer. On a whim, you sign up for Pinpoint Your Purpose and walk away with the realization that you need a job that allows you to do the things you like doing most. With guidance from Tricia, you decide to hang out your shingle as an advisor to high-growth leaders of B2B technology companies. You enroll in ThriveHer’s Passport program to learn what you need to build your business, and you discover a community of like-minded entrepreneurs along the way. 

Now, you’ve established your business as an advisor and virtual CMO, helping high-growth companies “amp up their messaging, priorities and go-to-market strategies.” You’re on your own, but not going it alone – because you’ve got a sounding board in Tricia and in other ThriveHer members. Not only that, but you’re having fun again because you’ve been able to create a career doing what you really love. That’s what happens when you know your next step.

Karin Bursa

Karin Bursa

“The community has provided me with valuable connections to women that are top performers in their fields. They bring different ideas, experience and spins to addressing challenges and harnessing opportunities. They’re a powerful sounding board that has provided fresh inspiration.”

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Precious Manchepalli and Tricia Unterreiner Dempsey - your voices echo in most things I do each day. My drive and vigor was renewed through your course earlier this year! I am now building an amazing space - CreateATL. It will be an entrepreneurial space for good.

Our excitement is palpable about all that our building has to offer. Through memberships to a shared work and event space, we are creating a place designed to advance arts, technology and community organizations with equity, accessibility and optimism as its core tenets.

– Dana Xavier Dojnik

I've had a link on my personal/professional website for a couple of years now so that people could book a "discovery call" with me. I was just telling Tricia recently that it never gets used - my leads come thru other avenues.

Welp - I am proud to say that I stand corrected! Someone who follows me on social media & engages with a lot of my content & matches my ICA used the link to book a call. Excited about the possibility!

– Nichole Schrader

Great session on the self-coaching model today Tricia. This will be invaluable for me. Thanks for sharing. 

– Jan Rose

Offer accepted! One of the 2 offers for a full price coaching package I made this week was accepted and the first of 3 payments was made. :) Yay!

– Diane Zimmerman Passey

Thank you to Thursday's Passport group - always supportive and super generous with ideas!

I closed my first bundle sale for higher than the original price after my client saw the bundle. She sent me a text this morning to tell me her sister loved it and was so excited!

April Update ...
Premarital online course on Udemy

  • 7 Lessons
  • 22 videos recorded and edited
  • 1 Lead Magnet video to draw from Udemy to Kajabi to drive additional course sales and email subscription
  • Logo and brand board created

Next up, Massive Action May :)

  • Kajabi site up and running so I can load in lead magnet and start collecting emails!
  • Record 10 additional modules (slide-ware is already built out)
  • Record video intro for modules to create more personal connection
  • Launch my program!

I'm so excited to be moving forward with this - it has been on my to-do for over a year!

Excuse my unsolicited email but I have to tell you these updates.

After our call I updated my site and had 3 new sign ups that night. I don't know if your suggestions where the reason why, but I think so! No ads were running.

I emailed Amy Porterfield and her team responded. They forwarded my podcast pitch and sent me a form to fill out ... idk if they do that for every but it felt big!

ALSO I had a coaching call and told someone about my membership site. And I think I ALREADY have an interested person. I didn't even tell her $97 one-time fee, I just said $97 per month.

Anyway ...

Call me Coach.

Thank you all for your encouragement and inspiration!

I literally hung up from our Passport call today and called a woman who used to be an employee of mine for 10 years and made her an irresistible offer! I asked her if she would like to be my first coaching client and she said YES! 

P.S. I hadn't spoken to her in almost 3 years!

– Mindy Maggio

Thank you Tricia, your generosity is overwhelming! I got so much out of our time together and so excited to turn on the faucet. Just after we hung up today I got my first subscription on my Kajabi site from a Udemy student who downloaded a lead magnet. I set up that link from Udemy last night, so it is very encouraging!

Good morning. Here are my stats for June.

  • 21 Conversations
  • 2 Consults
  • 1 New Client

However, I also got brave and 'launched' on LinkedIn and have over 1,700 view as of this morning!

AND, the other day I ordered my Kajabi t-shirt for making over $1,000 on Kajabi. Yahoo!!!

It's your turn... and your time

Finally get off of square one and gain the momentum you and your consulting business need to thrive.

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