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Get the clarity and certainty you need to live a purpose-filled life!

If you’re an ambitious woman who knows you're made for more – then you already know it’s time to live your purpose, leverage your strengths and

love what you do!

By the end of this program you will have:

  • Nailed down your purpose statement so you can live a life you love, and stop living with one foot on the brake and the other on the gas... standing completely still.  
  • Discovered your unique strengths - know exactly what makes you special by uncovering your "superpower" strengths and how to leverage them for maximum impact.   
  • Uncovered who you're meant to serve - that group of people that need your unique gifts and talents, and shares in your life experiences.  
  • Validated your purpose through an examination of your life's stories to ensure you're perfectly aligned with your true, authentic self.

    AND ....

  • Confidently start living a purpose-filled life where you do work that matters, increases your impact and allows you to live a life you love.

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Pinpoint Your Purpose


You'll have unlimited, lifetime access to the Pinpoint Your Purpose digital course including video lessons, audio recordings, your Powered by Purpose Workbook to reinforce and support you every step of the way. And you can access your training materials on any mobile device anytime, anywhere in the world!



"Pinpoint Your Purpose brought so much clarity into my life. It helped me define ‘my why’ and clarify what I should be saying 'yes' to and what I should be saying 'no' to. With ‘my why’ defined – I feel so confident. I no longer have confused, mixed-emotions when it comes to decision making. Everything I do is now in-line with it. If you’re thinking doing the course, do it. Invest in yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup."

– Jessica Fourie

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"What I enjoyed most about Pinpoint Your Purpose was getting to know all of the other career women taking the course. At first, because I’m a new entrepreneur, I didn't think that I would have very much in common with them. But once I became a part of the group, everyone was so warm and welcoming. I've had so many people reach out and help with the process of starting my business. Their support has been invaluable. On top of that, I've created true friendships – I have a community that will stick with me through everything!"

– Jana Unterreiner

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"What I enjoyed most about Pinpoint Your Purpose came down to two things. First, I loved the opportunity to really explore who I was within, what my strengths are, and what my purpose in life should be. Second, I loved the connection with the community - it was priceless. There were so many different women in various stages of life and levels in their careers who came together to talk about reaching their goals. It was powerful and really valuable. I’m still in touch with my classmates today!"

– Neena Naidu


"Pinpoint Your Purpose is full of 'ah-ha' moments! My biggest ‘ah-ha’ moment came when we wrote our why statements. I spent some time working directly with Tricia and what we came up with is amazing! Once my why was clear I experienced a huge sigh of relief because I was like – “This is exactly what I've been searching for!” I know what I'm meant to do and what my purpose is both personally and professionally. The course was amazing. It was magical! If you’re thinking about taking the course – don’t wait!"

– Precious Manchepalli

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"After completing Pinpoint Your Purpose, I was able to identify my passions and strengths and clearly communicate them to leadership in such a powerful, enthusiastic way! The course is really a huge investment in yourself and it’s worthwhile because it's something that will pay in dividends throughout your career. Tricia was so authentic throughout the entire experience. She shared the struggles she faced as she went through her own career growth and how she identified her own passion and purpose. She’s truly inspiring and the course is great!"

– Rachelle Petusky

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"In taking the Pinpoint Your Purpose course, I was able to find my authentic self, be true to who I am, and realize I have so much to offer for not only myself, but the world. After retiring from a 45-year career in dentistry, I knew it was time for me to focus on me. This course gave me the ability to do that and gave me clarity on what it was I need to focus on in my new chapter."

– Tori Davis

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