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Pinpoint Your Purpose

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Is this you?

Do you think launching a business starts with a business plan? Website? Funding? Or ...

Too often, new entrepreneurs get caught up in the nitty gritty. They lose themselves while defining their market, developing their product or service, and finding their voice.

Focusing on their ‘to do’ lists, creating amazing products, and taking good care of employees. 

The result leaves them depleted, exhausted and burnt out before they even get started.  

Whether your business is still in idea-mode, you’re preparing for launch, or your new business is up and running, I know it can feel like you've traded 10 hour days in a J-O-B for 14-hour days in your business. 

You keep asking yourself the same question: Am I doing this right? 

Before you overwhelm yourself with business plans or a long list of action steps, let me share the advice that I wish someone told me from the beginning.

If you’re going to invest in building a business,
it should be powered by purpose!

It’s not enough to have a successful business. If you want one that will fulfill you and create a lasting impact, you need to fuel your business with purpose.

Hey there,

I’m Tricia Dempsey!

I spent countless hours and plenty of money building my first three businesses. Sure, there was lots of financial success and awards for growth, but in the end, it was just another J-O-B.  

When I built Thrive-Her, I did it differently. I didn’t start with a business plan, branding, or my core messaging. 

I started with uncovering my purpose.  It gave me the clarity to easily and gracefully put all the other pieces of my business together in a way that served ME so I could better serve the world.  

If you want to build a successful AND sustainable business you need to find your purpose FIRST. 

And I can show you how.  I've already helped 600+ women do the same.

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Ready to discover a
foolproof filter for decision making, create the rocket fuel you need for lasting success, and realize the fulfilling impact you’ve dreamed of making in the world? ... then Pinpoint Your Purpose is for you!

Take the first step to building a business you love inside ...

Pinpoint Your Purpose

Discover your purpose and lay the foundation for an impactful business that lasts

Pinpoint Your Purpose is the proven program to discover your life’s purpose. It is the first step for every woman who dreams of building a business that profoundly serves others and makes a difference in the world. 

Set your business up for success when you begin by pinpointing your purpose!

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Inside Pinpoint Your Purpose, you’re going to:

Define who you’re meant to serve

and attract clients looking for your unique gifts, talents, and perspectives.

Generate your strengths report

and discover how to leverage your superpowers to deliver  transformational results (with ease).

Create your personal purpose statement

using a proven 3-part purpose success formula without overwhelm or confusion.

Validate your purpose

to ensure your business is completely aligned with your true, authentic self.

Plus! You get unlimited, lifetime access to all the course materials—including all video lessons, audio recordings, and your Powered by Purpose Workbook!

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside of Pinpoint Your Purpose:


 A step-by-step guide to discovering your purpose, guaranteed to help you create your purpose statement and discover your true north.


 A thorough look into your life's timeline to examine how your experiences shaped who you are and the significance this gives to your unique purpose.


 Take an in-depth look at your most impactful peak and valley moments - the ones that shaped who you are and why you're here.


A comprehensive look at what you're here to contribute to the world (and what you're bound to add to any work or personal environment).


The three step formula to writing your purpose statement while avoiding the confusion and overwhelm that has kept you stuck for years.


Utilize our proven 3F Framework to validate your purpose statement so you can start planning your future (and stop living in your past).

Tricia Dempsey

My entrepreneurial journey started with a cancer diagnosis and a desire to do things differently. I worked tirelessly to build a successful company—even as I underwent multiple surgeries. At the end of my first year, I generated over $1M in sales.

But I had to what cost?

I was so focused on building the business, I lost sight of what truly mattered. I got distracted from my purpose because I skipped this fundamental step in the process.

I overextended myself, made plenty of mistakes, and nearly lost it all. Afterwhich, I spent five years struggling to build my business back to the top. 

When I finally did, my business won multiple awards including 3x Inc. 5000 and Best Places to Work, and this success allowed me to sell the company and pursue a more authentic life.

But I could have saved myself plenty of time, heartache, and money if I did one thing first…

...If I started with purpose.

As an 8-figure serial entrepreneur, I know what it takes to succeed in the business world. I’ve helped thousands of women find their purpose and create impactful businesses that last. 

Now, I invite you to learn from my million-dollar mistake. Before you think about launching a website or creating your first product:

Find your purpose.

And set yourself up for success from the beginning.

I'm Ready! Sign me up, Tricia!
Satisfaction Guaranteed


If you do the work, you’ll get the results. We’re so confident, that we’re happy to back this promise with a 30-day risk-free guarantee. 

If you’re not satisfied once you've finished the course, just show us your completed work, and we’ll refund your money.

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Frequently Asked questions

You’re on the verge of starting the business of your dreams.  Now let’s make sure it represents the authentic YOU.


Rhonda Dobar Such a great approach. I found my purpose after circling it for years! Do the work ladies and be honest with yourself and you will be dancing around like I am. 

Elizabeth Litchfield  Having now taken the 4 week Pinpoint Your Purpose course, I was most impressed with your sincere interest in people, your desire to help them uniquely, and your excellent way of making connections during conversation with multiple people. Really listening is a huge skill and being able to make everyone feel special (and gifted themselves) while offering significant/meaningful value and effective advice was great for me. So glad I trusted my instincts!

Jessica Fourie  Pinpoint Your Purpose brought so much clarity into my life. It helped me define 'my why' and clarify what I should be saying 'yes' to and what I should be saying 'no' to. With 'my why' defined - I feel so confident. I no longer have confused, mixed-emotions when it comes to decision making. Everything I do is not in-line with it. If you're thinking about doing the course, do it. Invest in yourself. You can't pour from an empty cup.

Anne Caffee  The more I looked at TED Talks, books, listened to webinars, etc... the more confused I was getting. I finally realized how much I was struggling and I've had enough. I needed Tricia's help. Thank you for being there at the right time and place!

The business of your dreams isn’t waiting inside someone else’s master plan.

It starts INSIDE YOU.

Purpose is the jet fuel of successful, sustainable, impactful businesses that last. You will speed right past the most common beginner’s mistakes if you start your business journey by nailing down your unique purpose in life.

No more worrying. No more wondering. No more waiting.

Start the path to your purpose-driven business TODAY.