'Be-Attitudes' of Building Community

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2019

Happy Thrive-Her Thursday!

"If you want to go fast - go alone, but if you want to go far - GO TOGETHER."
-African Proverb

Community is the ultimate accelerator!

NOTHING...and I mean NOTHING...has driven more results for me than building community.  In this week's Thrive-Her Thursday coaching video, I share the 4 Be-Attitudes of Building a Vibrant Community.

I think you'll really like #3 - it answers the question everyone is thinking when they meet you...What’s in it for ME?  Without it, you’re not getting past a handshake. 🤝 

I'll also teach you the right ratio of building community inside AND outside of your organization so you've got the best support in place when you need it most!

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I'll be walking you through The Next Level, a 9-week group digital course, group coaching and community program that will transform your career into one you deserve and LOVE!

P.S. - With The Next Level, you've got a built-in Thrive-Tribe Community. 

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