Is Your Experience Level Keeping You From Purpose?

Uncategorized May 19, 2020

Is your experience level hurting your chances to grow and evolve?  

In one of my first coaching classes at Thrive-Her, a talented VP had an "aha moment" during class when she realized she was resting on her longstanding reputation and not showing up everyday with a beginner's mindset.

Determined to impress her new boss, she set a new intention to show up with an open heart, fresh eyes, and curiosity.  

Her peer, who was also in the class, told her a week later...

"I can tell that something has changed."  And her boss, who I knew well, also noticed the difference.

In today's Facebook Live, I talk how your experience level may be hurting your ability to live your purpose and evolve - especially if you consider yourself SENIOR.

Watch now to learn more about the beginner's mindset.


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