work life balance Aug 07, 2019

Cat and I just got back from Charleston last night from a spontaneous mommy/daughter trip before she heads back to UGA for her sophomore year (thanks to those of you who provided trip recommendations for me).

One morning, while strolling through The Market, we met Jessica Cashman, the owner of JK Designs Jewelry at her beautiful store. 

Jessica is amazing!

She started her business 6 years ago in Charleston. Dedicated to her mother, who died at a young age, Jessica was a savvy business owner and had grown the business significantly with just a few stores.

I asked her where she wanted to take her business.  

"I'd love to be in more retail outlets," Jessica said. 

"And the mart in Atlanta," she explained.  "And I've also thought about opening up additional stores in the Southeast," she said with almost a question mark at the end of her sentence.  

And finally... "but I think we want to have kids too."  

I could tell Jessica didn't think it was possible to do all of the above and may have to choose between a great career or a great family life. 

Unfortunately, many women feel this way - so I was trying to encourage her that it is possible to have both!

Catherine encouraged her too and explained the benefits she has experienced firsthand from having a working mother all of her life. I'm not sure whether to be proud or a little guilty that Catherine can run an entire house today if she needed too. 🏡💪👩 💪🏡

As we continued to talk, it struck me that she was unclear about her purpose. That big WHY that drives us all to make our lives mean something. She was missing the north star we all need and want that informs our decisions and lights our way with clarity. 

And as we left Jessica's store, I told Catherine that Jessica's story was not rare.

In fact, the #1 thing that women express they need the most is to get clarity on their next step. And as I dig in even further, the discussion leads to them wanting clarity about their (purpose, calling, direction, passion).

Call it whatever you'd like - but many of us women just want clarity that we're climbing the right ladder and chasing the right dreams.      

Because here's the thing... when you know your purpose, it informs and acts as a filter for decisions about your...

spouse/life partner
service to your community
friendships - in fact,

And so this week's mini-training is dedicated to Jessica and all of us women who struggle with deciding what we should do, what we're called to do and how we can do it all.  


I've been working on a Masterclass training called Pinpoint Your Purpose - How to reignite your spark for LIFE.  

It's specifically designed for women who...

  • Are unclear about life's next steps and need solid guidance and direction about their decision.
  • Who wants to take a bold next step but feel scared, unsure, and terrified that they will make a misstep that will negatively affect their career or business trajectory. 
  • Are in transition, and want to reinvent themselves in their next chapter of life. 
  • Are re-entering the workforce and need to get in touch with what will make them happy and fulfilled.

More to come on this masterclass training coming soon.

Until then - keep thriving!


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