I Challenge You To Stop Working So Hard

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2019

Have you ever wondered...“Am I invisible?”

Ever wonder that at work?

You’re not alone.

There’s a thing I call “Sherpa Syndrome.”

I watched a show about Everest, and noticed something.

Before anyone gets going from base camp, the sherpas pack the bags. They lay the lines. They climb ahead and behind the group.

On the final day -- base camp 3 to the summit -- the Sherpas get up in the middle of the night. They climb the summit. Often, it’s snowing, and it’s their job to unlodge the safety lines from under the snow (mind you, they don’t have safety lines themselves). And, they do their biggest job: placing oxygen tanks in strategic spots along the way and at the top, so the climbers don’t run out and, well, die.

That’s super dangerous, but not the riskiest part of the sherpas’ job. There’s always someone (a paying climber) who breaks a leg, gets sick, or can’t make it to the top or back down.

The sherpas carry that person.

Know what these people make per season?

$3k-$5k. No, not per climb. Per season.

The guide, meanwhile, makes 90k.

Do the sherpas even get thanked?

Oh, sure. People say “thank you” to the sherpas. Climbers know they’re the reason they’re getting to the top.

But no one ever says, “You’re incredible, Sherpa. Would you like to be the guide?”

The sherpas will never be the guides. They’re sherpas for life.

Does that strike a chord?

Ever feel like a sherpa in your job?

Like people appreciate what you do, but not enough to offer you something bigger?

And not enough to ever TRULY see you and recognize what you’re capable of?

It can make you feel invisible.

I have clients who've told me,

“People call me to have ME google a phone number.”

“They asked me what I wanted to do in my new job, but then instead have me ordering lunch and birthday cakes -- and circulating the card.”

“My boss says, ‘you’re the best’ and then heaps all the crappiest jobs on me.”

Carry another bag to the summit, Sherpa -- that’s basically the message.

We’re so much more than sherpas. We’re meant to be *guides*. Don’t you think?

Life’s too short to stay in the sherpa role another day.

If you find yourself being the sherpa, and it’s holding you back from being the guide, here are the three keys to getting recognized for your worth and stop being a sherpa!

Download the free resource I mention in this week's video: The Working Woman's Guide to Lasting Work Life Balance.

Here's a spoiler secret:

Hard work isn't the key to getting ahead...positioning yourself as THE GUIDE is! Happy climbing! 🏔

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