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Feeling stuck? Let's fix that!
Use our support channels below to get back into momentum in your business.


1.  Search The Content

Whether you are in Passport or Passport+, the 'Search Passport Videos' button is your new support BFF.  Search by keyword to find every mention of the word in every video in the entire product.  It's magic!  

Search Passport Content

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2.  Ask the Community

If it's on your mind, it was probably already asked by someone else in our Passport Community.

Search the Community Chat, Ask a Coach, or Passport Support Circles for the keyword(s) you're looking for to discover already-answered questions.

If you don't find the answer to your question, post it in the appropriate Circle to get feedback from your cohort, your Client Success Specialist, or the ThriveHer coaches directly.

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3.  Email Support

We recognize that sometimes what is required to overcome an obstacle is 1-on-1 support and Team ThriveHer is committed to helping you take your next step.  

Simply email [email protected] with your question. We will get back to you no later than 24 business hours.  

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