When it comes to finding a mentor, coach, leader, role model, etc., we hear the same excuses time after time from professional women.

Here’s just a few…

“There isn’t anyone for me to look up to in my organization.”
“I am the most senior [insert job title here].”
“How does a serious career-woman make it happen?”

That’s why we created a new FREE RESOURCE for you:

Download our Top 50 Women To Follow free resource and get daily inspiration from the greatest role models in the world!

A lot of women feel that they do not have a strong female mentor to look up to and we get it!

Thrive-Her coach, Tricia Dempsey spent her whole life in an industry where women were the top sales leaders (because they are great listeners and have solid relationship building skills), but men all held the top spots in the organization, whether they were the most qualified or not. 

Below, we share three strategies for finding and following great models – even if they don’t work at your company. 

1. Engage in Women’s Organizations

Think about this one on two fronts:

  1. What are the top national organizations in your industry
  2. What are the most active organizations in your area

The key to getting engaged is threefold:

  • Join the mailing list and social media sites and engage digitally
  • Attend the local events and meet at least 5 new people every time you go
  • Attend the national conferences – invest in yourself and attend at least one national conference a year to get to know other women who are serious about leveling up their career

2. Books/Videos/Podcasts

You should be reading at least one book a quarter written by a woman you aspire to be more like.  If you are not a book reader, join Audible and listen to a book on your commute each day, or finish a book while driving to your vacation destination.  

YouTube is also such a great resource.  Subscribe to the channels of the women you admire and you’ll meet their friends through interviews and how to’s.  Click the bell to get notified when new content drops.

3. Engage Socially

Follow your role models and engage on their posts socially.  Not sure exactly who to follow? We’ve got you covered with the Top 50 Women To Follow.  Get it today. 

Follow them all or pick and choose from the list based on your interests and industry.  

Remember, you are the average of the five people you spend the MOST time with. Start each day listening to a podcast or YouTube video – less than 30 minutes will put you in the right frame of mind to WIN – THE -DAY!

Download our Top 50 Women To Follow resource and get daily inspiration from the greatest role models in the world!

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