The Guide to Thrive: Navigating Change with Purpose

We often think life happens TO us instead of FOR us, and can easily miss the opportunities and gifts we have been given.

In time, we can look back at our life and see how moments like an unexpected illness, losing or changing jobs, moving cities, relationships that have ended or are just beginning are the very moments that shape who we have become today.

But, in the midst of the change it’s hard to focus and almost impossible to see for ourselves.

Uncertainty, can cause us to freeze in place or trigger memories and experiences which create anxiety, fears and thoughts like:

  • Tragedy Stacking, which is a domino effect of all the things that "may" go wrong
  • This is not what I had planned for my life and now I’ll never reach my dreams…
  • I have no idea how to handle this and I’m all alone…
  • I can’t believe this is happening, how did I get here?

Our fears may pop up here and there and that’s TOTALLY NORMAL! But know, it’s also OK to acknowledge and see the good in times of change. Oprah, sums this up well with one of my favorite quotes…we are always in “Recovery and Discovery.”

So, let’s honor our fears but also promise to move forward to find the good. The greatest gifts in life can be born in moments of great change.

Now let’s get started. Learn how to navigate change with intent and inspiration by downloading our Guide to Thrive: Navigating Change with Purpose.

In this guide, you'll follow our five steps...

Step 1: The Story

Step 2: The Check-In

Step 3: The Opportunity

Step 4: The Inspired Plan

Step 5: The Thrive Story


It’s time, to move from recovery to discovery. Your life is waiting for you!


two steps and you're in!

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