A Primer for Ambitious Career Women

We hope you are as pumped about this topic as we are! And, by the way, it’s just the start of a three-part series! Let’s dive in…

If you Google the word “fierce” you’ll get words like aggressive, ferocious, powerful, and destructive. For most people, this instantly brings to mind a wolf (yikes).

However, the Urban Dictionary provides a much more inspirational definition of the word “fierce”,” stating it “is a combination of a positive mental spirit, bold words, and unapologetic actions used collectively.” Now, this is a definition Thrive-Hers can get behind 100%!

Before we start, please make sure you have downloaded our resource, The Top 50 Fierce Women to FollowThese women are unapologetically, inspirational, FIERCE women! We’ve also provided their Facebook and Instagram handles so you can start following them for much-needed daily inspiration and positive impact.

In part one of Be Fierce and Worth Following, the focus is on having a positive mental spirit. 

A Positive Mental Spirit

Two key elements define and impact a person’s positive mental spirit, and they are:

Messaging – You must start each day by exposing yourself to positive messages. The good news is you can get these freely almost anywhere through reading, podcasts, YouTube learning and, yes, social media. Thrive-Her coach Tricia Dempsey starts each day with what she calls her “happy hour” and it looks like this:

7:00 a.m. – Listen to a podcast
7:30 a.m. – Coffee with the hubby 
8:00 a.m. – Read the Bible, her daily devotion and write in her journal (with a special focus on gratitude)  

Tribe – Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Have you ever sat down to think about who these five people are, and the tremendous impact this plays on your life?

Here’s a couple of signs that it’s time to build a new and improved tribe:

  • If you are spending time with people who are complaining, non-action takers who suck the life out of you and make you feel like you need a shower after you’ve left their presence. It’s time to level up!
  • If you are trying to take your career to the next level and there are no people in your network who are at a higher level than you are. It’s time to level up!
  • If you only spend time with your close friends since childhood, your spouse and your animals. It’s time to level up!

If you don’t currently have the luxury of being in the presence of five great people every day then select five from our Top 50 List!

Start following them on social media, their podcasts, and/or a YouTube channel.

Finally, Marie Forleo (a major Thrive-Her favorite on the Top 50 List) has a saying that we find ourselves abiding by just about every single day…

To wrap up our outlook on having a positive mindset, here is a personal story from Tricia:

In 2002 I was given the terrible news that I had breast cancer. After six months of chemo, I came home from work one day and told my husband, Jeff, I wanted to start my own company. Please note, I was bald as a q-tip.

My family thought I was nuts, but I promised Jeff that we would figure it out. I knew I needed to stay home and take care of myself. But, at the same time, focus on something besides dealing with my breast cancer. 

I honestly believe that starting my company while being in the midst of breast cancer truly saved my life. It propelled me to have a positive mental spirit and focus on moving forward. 

I went onto grow that company to over $10m in revenue and sell it to a publicly traded company. This path led me to become a coach – my true life calling.

One of the characteristics of women that I love the most, is we ALWAYS figure it out. Don’t let yourself be overcome with stress and overwhelmed. Know this in your heart of hearts. Everything is figureoutable. It’s with this positive mental spirit that you will become a FIERCE woman who is worth following. 

Join us next week for Part 2 of Be Fierce and Worth Following as we dive into our next topic: bold words!

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