In part one of our two part blog, What Working Women Want Now, we revealed that women want four things to feel like they have a thriving career or business:

Growth – skillsets, opportunities, income

Fulfillment – feel like they are making progress, and have regular achievements they are proud of

Meaning – want to work on things they feel are important and significant

Impact – desire to have a strong, positive effect on others and the world

We have addressed the questions – What does this really mean? in two ways.  One is to identify the biggest frustrations women have when in their pursuit of a thriving career and what keeps them from having one.  And in today’s blog, we will address their desired outcomes and explore what “it” looks like when they get it.  

In part one of this blog, we peeled back the layers about what women want and found there were five frustrations that frequently keep them from having a thriving career.  These frustrations include:

  • No career clarity or game plan
  • Lack of confidence to pursue what they do want
  • Time to develop authentic relationships
  • The ability to get candid, honest feedback from their leaders (especially men)
  • The feeling of being the “sherpas” of their organizations – carrying the heavy loads.  

Today, we will explore the flip side of the coin and discuss the desired outcomes women are really looking for when they talk about growth, fulfillment, meaning and impact.


What women believe about themselves, or more importantly, what they don’t believe is one of the key factors that hold them back.  These limiting beliefs cause them to play small and stay small. Women need to develop new mindsets and deliberate patterns of thought that empower them to play BIG and stop thinking small.  

DESIRED OUTCOME #2:  Master Personal PR

Women are generally terrible at self promotion. They struggle to articulate their value, or talk about their achievements and contributions publicly.  This lack of confidence keeps them hidden from most of the decision makers in an organization. Women want and need a structure for how to share their stories in an authentic way that showcases their value.  They need to develop Personal PR 101 skills – and become skilled at sharing stories that get them noticed.

DESIRED OUTCOME #3 – Leverage Her Network for Help

Women struggle with investing the time to build their personal networks, therefore, they struggle to ask for help.  Conversely, they know that without it, they can only go so far on their own self promotion. They know they need to elevate their relationships both inside and outside their company – not just with those they work with, but with senior leaders and influencers that can sponsor them for growth opportunities, promotions and raises.  

DESIRED OUTCOME #4 – Role Models She Can Learn From

This was discussed a lot!  According to the 2018 Women in the Workplace Study, 1 out of 5 C-Level executives are women and 1 out of 25 are women of color.  Women don’t see enough senior women navigating successful careers and home lives. And women at this level, because there are so few, cannot invest in everyone who wants to spend time with them to learn how.  Women crave spending time with people they admire and can learn from – male or female.

DESIRED OUTCOME #5:  A Rock Solid Playbook

For many of the women I interviewed, reading is one of their favorite ways to enjoy down time.  They do not suffer from lack of knowledge – the textbook approach. But what they do suffer from is a lack of how to bring that knowledge to life – the playbook approach.  

They are unsure how to engage, practice and utilize what they are learning.  And if they make mistakes, how to fail gracefully and recover. Therefore, they often stand still and feel paralyzed about how to bring their desires to life. They want a playbook – an actionable plan that lays out the right things to do in the right order, and more importantly HOW to do them, to get the results they want.  


This is why developed The Next Level – it is the ultimate playbook to help women think bigger, articulate her value, be more visible and build a vibrant community that elevates her personal brand and value to an organization.  

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