Bye-Bye Winter!  We will not miss you and your rainy, cold, snowing, polar vortex days!

Spring is here!  And with it comes the promise of renewal and rebirth – as well as sunshine.  And longer days. And the return of birds. And of course, Spring cleaning.

Whether spring means cleaning the clutter out of closets, working on your spring break body, or planting your new set of annual flowers in your window boxes, spring marks the season to plant new seeds that will bloom.

What if…

-You enrolled in getting your MBA

-You decided to start your new job search

-You connected with new women and expanded your community

Our purpose at Thrive-Her is to help women create thriving careers and businesses they love and today we are going to share three tips for spring cleaning your career that promise to yield more in your career, business and life.


Start to focus on all of life’s possibilities.  With more time in the day, you are able to accomplish more, and enjoy an abundance of time.  To increase abundance in your life, start each day with practicing gratitude. We love Tony Robbins quote that “when you are grateful, fears disappear and abundance appears.”  Make a list of 10 new mantras for the spring that breed more abundance. Here are a few to get you started…

I am focused on growing

I am constantly learning something from everyone I meet

I am resourceful – and my resources are everywhere

Everything is figure-outable (one of my favorites)

Every challenge I face helps me grow


Evaluate where you are after the first 90 days.  Revisit your goals and more importantly, WHY you wanted to accomplish those goals in the first place.  Adjust your strategies for the next 90-day season to get back on track or double-down on goals where you experience the most leverage.  This is a great time of year to learn new skills before the summer months – be sure to focus on building your strengths and talents.

It’s a great time to refresh your LinkedIn profile and resume.  If you’ve been thinking about moving into a new job or career, this is a great time to update your preferences in LinkedIn.  Here’s a short tutorial to show you how.


Really focus on the meaning of Jim Rohn’s famous quote stating that “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  Make a list of your tribe members and then ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are you learning from your tribe?

  2. What are the goals of your tribe members?

  3. Is there anyone in your tribe you look up to as a mentor?

  4. How is your tribe challenging you to be better?

Finding yourself amongst a peer or mentor group that challenges you to create new habits, grow in your learning and set ambitious goals will continue to ensure you are expanding, growing, and being fulfilled by reaching incremental milestones that lead you closer to your big, audacious goals.

Take advantage of all that this season of renewal has to offer personally and professionally to be your best you!  You deserve MORE!

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